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Soul Retrieval    60/90/120 minutes  (Traditional Relaxation) $75/$95/$125

Stress, pain, physical and emotional distress, all cause us to loose connection with our energetic selves and our ability to stay connected to the natural world around us. The Soul Retrieval experience will knock down the barriers of stress and put you in a state where you will regain balance and focus while re-connecting with your spiritual essence. This Beautiful bodywork will take you on a journey to find contentment, bliss and total surrender.

Sweat Lodge   60/90 minutes (Deep Tissue/Focused Massage work) $85/$105

Deep muscle issues and trauma require a special nurturing with specific focus on working the kinetic chain of muscle groups associated with the issue. Using deep muscle manipulation techniques and heating/cooling agents, this treatment helps restore the harmony in your physical being by reducing pain, stress and tension. A successful treatment reduces your original pain, restores muscle harmony and does not create pain from the treatment itself.

Yin/Yang   120 minutes (The Ultimate Massage) $125

Unlike traditional relaxation massage, the Yin/Yang treatment takes you to the next level of stress reduction, well-being and contentment. The Yin/Yang technique artfully alternates between relaxation and stimulation, producing a complete and total surrender to stress, pain and moodiness. Releasing the Yang Chemicals (epinephrine and cortisol) with the Yin chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin), allows the client to stay more alert and focused on the bodywork. This allows for a much deeper release of stress, pain and emotional discomfort. This treatment is for massage pro’s only. The format is more Euro/Asian than traditional American massage.

Moon Cycle   60/90 Minutes (Menstrual Cycle Treatment) $75/$95

During your Moon Cycle, body transformations can cause a host of temporary discomforts ranging from mild to severe: Water retention, painful cramping, nagging lower back pain, debilitating headaches, and depression and anxiety. The Moon Cycle focuses on specific areas, muscle groups, and techniques that help melt away your physical and emotional manifestations.

Two Souls   60/90 Minutes (Pre-Natal Massage) $85/$110

Caring for two during your pregnancy and managing the physiological and emotional changes can be trying and tiring. Taking the time to nourish both Mother and Baby is one of the most important things you can do during your pregnancy.  The Two Souls treatment focuses foremost on relaxation and stress reduction. At the same time, the treatment helps with lower back pain, Neck, Back and Shoulder stress, moves fluids toward the heart reducing swelling and discomfort, and generally creates a deep sense of well-being and contentment in both baby and Mom.

Rushing Waters   90 Minutes (Myofascial Release) $125

Athletes, physical labor, aging and certain conditions will cause your Facial tissues to become less lubricated causing muscles to labor against movement. This in turn creates muscle pain, discomfort, and greatly reduced Range of Motion. The Rushing Waters treatment focuses on releasing the adhered fascia from the muscles using specific Myofascial techniques. Clients report feeling a inch taller, increased depth of breathing, full range of motion, decreased pain, increased performance, and better coordination. Men will want to bring along short gym shorts, Women will want to bring along a sports bra and short shorts. Generally, this treatment focuses on Head/Neck/Chest/Arms/Back/Hips/legs.


Vision Quest: Reflexology:  60 Minute Healing, Balance and Focus $80

For regular health and wellness, the 60 minute Healing/Balance/Focus reflexology session is critical for maintaining optimum energy, general pain relief and mental/physical/spiritual balance. A soothing foot soak is available upon request during this session, however, using the time for reflexology work is highly recommended.


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