“Mark saved my life! At my wits end after 5 months of debilitating pain from a hip replacement gone bad I went to see Mark in tears. He explained his approach and the treatment goals and went to work. After just an hour session, I walked out without my cane, pain greatly reduced, and at last a positive outlook for the future. Over the months to follow, I was finally able to get back into my aggressive travel job without worry and pain!”

Kathy D.

“Amazing! I have seen Mark regularly for over a year. At first it was due to chronic neck and upper back pain. Mark taught me the importance of good posture, how to identify my correct posture and a simple everyday technique for relieving neck tension. Recently, I asked Mark to help me with my weight training. My hips were so tight and constricted I could not correctly do the squats and overhead lifting putting my body in danger. Mark used a sports massage technique to release my hips and now I can confidently do all the weight training I’m comfortable with”.

Nicole G.

“Mark’s energy is amazing. His touch is electric and his technique is like no other massage I have ever had”.

Trish M.

“Mark is stolidly professional in every aspect of his client relationship with me. Not only do I feel safe and comfortable, his gentle giant demeanor is both calming and reassuring”.

Eva C.

“Mark, my massage therapist, does an outstanding job, is extremely knowledgeable and is a great conversationalist”.

Thomas H.

“Mark is an Excellent Therapist”.

Lashanna T.

“I Love Mark! He is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to. He understands my needs, makes suggestions, and does a brilliant job working on the areas I have asked him to work”.

Allison T.

“Mark was great! He did a great job working on my specific needs as well as explaining exercises to avoid in the future”,

Alisha R.

“Mark gave me an excellent massage. All the aches and pains from a weekend of moving were considerably reduced”.

Tom R.

“8 Weeks away from very invasive frozen shoulder surgery, Mark was able to greatly reduce my shoulder pain and increase range of motion almost 70% I ended up not having the surgery and feel great today”.

Robin M.

“Mark is a wonderful therapist. He understands me and what kind of work I need done in our sessions. He chats with me when I feel chatty or stays silent when I don’t feel like talking. He is the best therapist I have had to date. Great Man”.

Rosemary K

“Mark is exceptionally knowledgeable and I appreciate his attention to detail and awareness of the body’s connections. He has greatly helped relieve my long-term chronic pain from an injury that occurred years ago”.

Erica B.

“Mark is lovely, I’ve seen him a few times now and all three sessions I received a different massage based on my needs. Great touch!”.

Jennifer D.

“Mark was very professional and really helped relieve the tension I was experiencing in my neck. I’ve been converted to a massage enthusiast”.

Caitlin S.

“Really Enjoyed Mark’s massage! He was wonderful!

Becky B.

“Mark, my massage therapist gives an excellent Pre-Natal and regular massage. I have been to many therapists in the past but none can compare. Very experienced and professional”.

Kerri W.

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